Childkind Preschool's educational philosophy is very simple: to help children build the skills they will use everyday to explore and interact with the world. We try to pave the way by developing good communication, problem solving, and social skills. These skills are encouraged daily by allowing children to express themselves and supporting their play.

The staff creates an educational environment by choosing materials and activities that build language and motor skills, and foster creative, cognitive, emotional, and social development. The needs of the children are met individually and as a group. There is a balance of indoor and outdoor activities, group and individual time, play and work time, and physical activity and rest.

The daily program is arranged to allow your child to select between a variety of activities within a block of time. This freedom of choice, pace, and movement allows your child to develop according to her or his individual needs.

Our curriculum is organized around monthly themes. We begin with topics close to the child and gradually expand our focus out into the world as the year goes on. Embedded in each month's curriculum are specific activities that build reading, math, and social skills. We support the natural curiosity of children with ongoing nature and science projects. Art projects are always happening, helping young children learn new ways to express themselves.

The Childkind experience is a partnership between parents, children, and teachers. Each of us plays an important role in creating an environment where children can develop safely and healthily. As a vibrant educational community, Childkind offers parents both a safe haven for their children and a close-knit network of fellow parents and adults.

Childkind offers at no cost ongoing parenting classes and groups as part of our commitment to supporting the healthy development of children.

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