Preschool Program

At Childkind Preschool we have created an environment that is rich in learning opportunities, inviting to both children and parents, and a supportive and creative environment for our staff.

Childkind Preschool serves children ages 2 to 4 with a loving program designed to give young children a warm and creative first experience in preschool. We emphasize development of social-emotional, language, and motor skills through a wide variety of play experiences. Our outdoor environment, in a redwood grove and looking out to Mt. Saint Helena is a wonderful space that helps give young children a special appreciation for nature. Potty training is not required.

By serving only younger children at this site, we are able to tailor our curriculum and daily schedule to match the developmental needs of children still forming basic language, social, and motor skills. As children progress we invite them to move to Oak Grove Acorn Preschool.

We invite you learn about our curriculum and how you can enroll.

Map & Directions

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